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SPIN-Lab at Imperial Festival


4 boys with researcher showing demonstration on SPIN-Lab stall

The SPIN-Lab stall demonstrated the breadth of research and everyday phenomena that are dependent on the electron spin.

Sandrine Heutz demonstrating SPIN-Lab stand to the publicDemonstrations ranged from the levitating (superconducting train) to fun activities around electromagnetism.  The “spinning salts” gave insights into paramagnetism in standard inorganic substances, and its impact in healthcare, IT and optics.

Visitors were encouraged to think about spins in a range of context, and in the “Spin or no spin” activity the role of spins in photosynthesis was explained – a nice way to introduce spins in plastic electronics!

PE-CDT Cohort 8 and several solar research groups from the CPE also presented stands at the Festival this year.

Crowded stand at Imperial Festival



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Sandrine Heutz
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