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Feb 2017 - Article in Acta Cryst E Published


Acta Cryst E

James' crystal structure of N-methyl imidazole-N-oxide is published in Acta Cryst E.

Christopher S. Frampton, James I. Murray and Alan C. Spivey ‘Crystal structure of 1-methylimidazole 3-oxide monohydrate’, Acta Cryst. E. 2017, 73(3), 372-374. DOI:

crystal lattice image

1-Methylimidazole 3-N-oxide (NMI-O) crystallizes as a monohydrate, C4H6N2O·H2O, in the monoclinic space group P21 with Z′ = 2 (mol­ecules A and B). The imidazole rings display a planar geometry and are linked in the crystal structure into infinite zigzag strands by O—H hydrogen bonds. These chains propagate along the b-axis direction of the unit cell.


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