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How can private healthcare providers help achieve UHC in lower income countries?



New report published by the Institute of Global Health Innovation offers ways to harness the private sector for universal health coverage.

The global movement towards UHC means there is a greater need for more health care providers to achieve full population coverage. 

At the request of CDC Group plc (the UK’s development finance institution), IGHI’s Centre for Health Policy has developed and tested a new framework for understanding the impact private providers can have on the patients they treat and the health ecosystems to which they belong.

The report ‘Evaluating the impact of private providers on health and health systems’ will be launched and discussed at a high level event at Imperial tomorrow. 

This independent report is aimed at policymakers, private providers and development investors, with recommendations for how to maximise positive impact and minimise the risk of harming patients, fragile health systems and efforts to achieve UHC. 

This report has emerged out of a desire to better understand the impact of investments by CDC, an investor with a development mandate. The potential applicability of this piece of work is much wider. This report contains insights, not only for health investors and policymakers trying to work constructively with the private sector, but also for the private sector itself.

We hope that the framework can be used by investors, policy makers, and private providers themselves to clarify their strategy, monitor performance, and leverage their impact.

Read the full report here and find out more about it in our recent Lancet article here


Jo Seed

Jo Seed
Institute of Global Health Innovation

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