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Feature: Next Generation Neural Interfaces



The Next Generation Neural Interfaces(NGNI) lab is part of the Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology and Circuits & Systems Research Group.

This is a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists creating new technology for interfacing to the brain and nervous system. Applications focus on medical devices targeting neurological disorders, for example epilepsy, and research tools that provide new capabilities for neuroscience research. For more details on the lab and ongoing research, please visit:

The team consists of researchers at all levels from full-time experienced postdoctoral fellows, associates and PhD students, to shorter term final year, master thesis and placement students. Expertise range from electrical & electronic engineering, bioengineering, microsystems and mechanical engineering, physics, and neuroscience. The team is led by Dr Timothy Constandinou, Reader in Neural Microsystems in the Department. Research is currently supported by the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the Wellcome Trust and industry.

The lab has developed a series of short videos that focuses on individual researchers and their specific work. The clips are each around 3 minutes in duration and aim to engage a wide audience. These describe the underlying motivation behind each researchers work, challenges that exist in the field, and their specific research focus and contributions. The video series are all available on YouTube and being added to the group website at: // 



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