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Imperial student recognised by Chinese Government for outstanding achievement


Shiqi Wang, Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher

Shiqi Wang, Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher

Chemical Engineering PhD student Shiqi Wang receives Outstanding Achievement Award from Chinese Government

The award for ‘Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad 2017’ was set up by the China Scholarship Council in 2003 and recognises the academic excellence of students completing their PhD studies overseas. Chemical Engineering PhD student Shiqi Wang was one of 27 PhD students in the UK to receive an award this year, for her interdisciplinary PhD project.

"It's a great honour to be awarded. I would like to thank my supervisor Dr Rongjun Chen for his great guidance during my PhD, and his support for the award application. '' Shiqi Wang, Chemical Engineering PhD student

Funded by the Marie Curie SNAL Initial Training Network, her PhD focused on stimuli-responsive amino acid-based biomimetic polymers for drug delivery.  Specifically, these polymers can enhance the cell membrane permeability at specific pH, making drug payloads available for intracellular delivery. 

During her time at Imperial College London, Shiqi has published several papers and received awards at both the 22nd CLSS-UK Annual Conference and the Departmental PhD Symposium, in addition to her active involvement in outreach activities.

She is currently investigating how to create nano-sized hydrogel particles based on polymers, which combine the intracellular delivery capability with intestine-targeted effects

You can find links to Shiqi's published papers on her Imperial College London professional profile page, and see photos of the award presentation on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China. 


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