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Students working on their quantum technology ideas in the Imperial Innovation Lab

The 2018 Imperial Innovation put talented young quantum research students at the forefront of deep-technology idea development.

Researchers are in the perfect position to be at the forefront of commercialised deep-technology idea development. However, it is widely regarded that the typical PhD candidate does not have the knowledge nor the skills to pursue this option. Through the Quantum Technology and Innovations Programme (QTIP), run by Imperial College’s Enterprise Lab, this is about to change.

Running from 4th - 8th June 2018, the 2nd cohort from the Quantum Systems Engineering Skills and Training Hub were guided through a venture journey with intrepid entrepreneur Yuri Andersson at the helm. From ideation to lean start-up development, the skills presented during the week were expertly tailored to understanding of marketplace for quantum technologies across the world. This culminated in a successful competition of pitches to a panel of judges (including personalised one-to-one training by professional speakers).

Congratulations to the winners Christophe and Alex, for impressing the judges by considering the implementation of a quantum software education toolbox, Q-ware, for the training of future developers in the wake of advances in quantum computing hardware.

Allan Pettipher

QSE Cohort 2


Ailsa Keyser

Ailsa Keyser
Department of Materials