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Congratulations Hannah and Ana


Ana, Anna and Hannah

Students Hannah Kiely-Collins and Ana Losada De La Lastra have finished their MSci projects in the group with Hannah winning a prize for her talk.

Final year MSci students in the group, Hannah Kiely Collins and Ana Losada De La Lastra have completed their final year by giving research talks in a Department of Chemistry symposium on 'The use of Chemical Proteomics to Elucidate the Full Protein Target Se of Synthesised N-Alkylated Aromatic Oligoamide Probes' and 'Synthesis of Short and Stapled Peptide to Mimic a Toxin-Antitoxin Protein-Protein Interaction in Salmonella'. Both received gave very high quality presentations and with Hannah receiving a prize for hers. Congratulations both!


Anna Barnard

Anna Barnard
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