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Radiosynthesis of Novel Oxytocin Tracer


Rhiannon and Ed

Many congratulations to Dr Rhiannon Beard on her new first author publication, and her first as co-corresponding author!

Rhiannon's paper "High-yielding 18F radiosynthesis of a novel oxytocin receptor tracer, a probe for nose-to-brain oxytocin uptake in vivo" details work conducted during her PhD in the Tate Group and build on her previous paper

Probing the mechanism of intranasal oxytocin brain uptake using a novel peptide PET tracer

In this new paper, a new Al18F labelled tracer for PET imaging of the oxytocin receptor has been synthesised and shows nanomolar affinity for the receptor, improved selectivity and higher stability. In the synthesis, an improved method for 18F fluoride yield was used, leading to higher radiochemical yield. The probe was then applied to demonstrate direct nose-to-brain uptake after intranasal administration.     

Well done to Rhiannon and her fellow authors on the work! 


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