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Research on blockchain interoperability presented at Scaling Bitcoin 2018



Alexei Zamyatin and Dominik Harz presented their latest research on blockchain interoperability at the Scaling Bitcoin 2018 conference in Tokyo.

XCLAIM, a newly designed protocol, allows to issue, trade and redeem e.g. Bitcoin-backed tokens on Ethereum, without requiring full trust in a third party. A first prototype has already been deployed on the Ethereum testnet (Ropsten) and is currently undergoing security and performance evaluations.

The Scaling Bitcoin conference, this year held at the Keio University in Tokyo on 6-7 October, was launched in 2015 to promote research and development efforts on Bitcoin’s scalability.

Today, it focuses on technical improvement proposals for the Bitcoin protocol, including modelling and simulation, game theory and mechanism design, security and privacy, as well as layer 2 protocols such as payment channels.

Working paper: “XCLAIM: Interoperability with Cryptocurrency-Backed Tokens”

Authors: Alexei Zamyatin, Dominik Harz, Joshua Lind, Panayiotis Panayiotou, Arthur Gervais and William J. Knottenbelt (all Department of Computing, Imperial College London)

Download the open access version.




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