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Library Services respond to your Christmas feedback


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In December 2018 we asked you what would be the best present Library Services could give you for 2019.

We were delighted to receive almost 1000 responses and would like to thank you for your kind wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Here we respond to some of your suggestions.

Library Café, food and drink

We received 68 comments about the Library Café and the provision of food and drink. The majority of suggestions were for cheaper, or free, drinks, hot water and a microwave. You also requested longer café opening hours. Your suggestions will be passed to College catering for their consideration.

Some of you recommended that we install a water fountain on level 1 of the Central Library. We’d just like to let you know that there is a water fountain outside Training Room 1 in the Wolfson Suite and we’ll look at improving signage in that area.

Space and furniture

Following the opening of levels 2 and 3 at the Central Library a number of you are finding the temperature too cold. This was reported to Estates, who have resolved the underlying issue. Unfortunately we can only open one set of doors to the library in order to maintain the temperature at the Information Hub on level 1 for staff working there.

In December 2018 we piloted a Study Break Card scheme to promote fair use of desks and discourage ‘desk hogging’. The scheme will run again during the 2019 exam period.

Many of you asked us to provide sleep pods to allow you to take a nap during long periods of study. Although a nap can be beneficial and boost energy for a short while, please remember that it is really important to get a good night’s sleep and to take a break from your studies. The College’s Sleep website and the Sleep Imperial campaign can provide further support.

We are pleased to hear that the cleanliness of the toilets has improved, however a number of you asked whether they will be refitted. We are taking your suggestions forward with Estates.

Computers and printers

One of your top suggestions was to provide more PCs and laptops. We have recently installed 15 more PCs in the Central Library Wolfson Suite and are considering providing more on other levels. 36 laptops are also available for loan in the 24 hour room and these will be replaced with new machines very soon.

We are aware that users are unable to lock the PCs since the upgrade to Windows 10 and have reported this issue to ICT. While it is important that the PCs can be locked, for security reasons, we also need to consider that it should not be possible for users to lock them for too long and are working with ICT to set an acceptable timeout period.

In answer to your questions regarding the provision of more print credit and improved printers. New printers are being installed across College and have been available in the Central Library since the end of December. All undergraduate students are given a minimum of £25.00 credit each academic year. For postgraduate students the printing allowance varies across departments. If you find that the amount is not sufficient please discuss this with your student rep.


Thank you for all your suggestions for new books and resources, we have passed them to your subject librarian for consideration.

St Mary’s Fleming Library

At St Mary’s some users queried whether access could be made available via all doors. We are unable to offer access via routes other than the main doors for safety reasons. Only allowing entry via barriers and swipecard ensures that our spaces are only used by members of College, and other registered users, and that we maintain a secure environment.  

In response to your suggestions to include more study spaces, we have recently installed seven new desks in the gallery. These desks will have plugs and data points for laptops. Medical students also have access to the Hynds computer lab in the medical school building.

Ongoing feedback

Library Services welcome all feedback. Please email your comments and suggestions to, contact us via ASK the Library or complete a form at your campus library.


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