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Double success for the CMBI with the award of two Marie Curie Fellowships


Helene & Anna

Helene (left) & Anna (right)

CMBI Postdocs Dr Helene Botella and Dr Anna Kloeckner both awarded the 2019 Individual Marie Curie Fellowship.

The first recipient of the 2019 Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship is Dr. Helene Botella. Helene will work in the laboratory of Dr. Julien Vaubourgeix to study the mechanisms by which tolerance to antibiotics develops in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of tuberculosis. 

The second awardee is Anna Kloeckner, who is currently a German Research Foundation (DFG) postdoctoral fellow investigating nanotechnological approaches to combat bacterial infections. This is a joint project between the Andrew Edwards Lab (MRC CMBI, Microbiology) and the Stevens Group (Bioengineering). The project funded by Marie Curie will take a multidisciplinary approach to developing this work to develop a desperately needed therapeutic approach against Gram-negative multi-drug resistant bacterial infection.


Nicola Tingley

Nicola Tingley
Department of Infectious Disease