Imperial White City Incubator Annual Report for 2020 launched


A member of the Multus Media team uses a microscope in the lab at the White City Incubator. She is wearing a mask and safety glasses and complying with COVID-19 safety regulations.

Imperial White City Incubator has released its annual report for the year ending August 2020.

The Imperial White City Incubator and its companies have adapted well and continued to grow through 2020.

The report, available online here, highlights the continued growth and success of companies in the Incubator, and the ways in which the Incubator management team has responded to ensure the continued provision of high quality services.

Richelle McNae, Entrepreneurial Programmes Coordinator at the Incubator, said: “What stands out for me is the fact that our teams have spent the year recruiting, extending their footprint within the Incubator and continuing their journeys. We’ve also had two companies – Polymateria and Pulmocide - graduate from the Incubator and choose to remain within the I-HUB, which is a great validation of the value of the White City Campus.”

The report also highlights the ways in which companies resident in the Incubator pivoted to meet the new challenges created by COVID-19. Life Sciences company MediSieve, chemicals startup FreshCheck and biochemistry business Affinity Biomarker Labs all identified opportunities to put their technology to valuable use to help increase safety and treat coronavirus patients.

Although the Incubator remained open during the initial (and subsequent) lockdowns in the UK, the main efforts of the Incubator team were focused on supporting companies doing valuable work. This meant that a number of support activities had to move online, including the Innovation Academy and Deep Tech Network.

Graham Hewson, Head of Incubation at Imperial, said “I am really proud of the ways in which the whole community around the White Incubator have adapted to a uniquely challenging year. From the companies who chose to pivot to focus on coronavirus, to our Incubator staff who have continued providing excellent support throughout, I am delighted by the can-do entrepreneurial spirit of the Incubator.”


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