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CSEI Seminar - Governing Metro Rail Projects in India



CSEI Seminar - Governing Metro Rail Projects in India

CSEI Seminar - Innovation in Industrialized Construction from Silicon Valley

On Tuesday 2nd July 2019 the Centre for Systems Engineering & Innovation hosted Dr. Ashwin Mahalingam, IIT-Madras for our seminar series.


Abstract - India is in the process of investing heavily in urban transit rail systems as a strategy to decongest its cities. My talk will feature stories about key issues that have arisen on metro rail projects in India (primarily the Chennai Metro Rail but also borrowing some examples from Delhi and Hyderabad) that have complicated project delivery. I will and then talk about the variety of organizations-based research questions/theoretical frames that can be used to look at and answer/solve these challenges. Along the way the talk will explore how theories around institutions, practices, learning and power can inform our understanding of how such megaprojects can be governed. The aim of the talk is to provide a deep-dive into the challenges of infrastructure creation in the developing world, appeal to practitioners as well as to academics and generate some discussion along the lines of new, innovative (collaborative) work that can be undertaken.

Bio - Dr. Ashwin Mahalingam joined the faculty in the Building Technology and Construction Management division of the Civil engineering department at IIT-Madras in 2006. Ashwin received his B.Tech in Civil engineering from IIT-Madras and then proceeded to Stanford University for a Masters in Construction Engineering and Management. He then helped start up an internet based company in the USA called All Star Fleet, aimed at providing asset management services for construction companies. Following this he returned to Stanford University to pursue a PhD in the area of Infrastructure Project Management. Ashwin's research interests are in the areas of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Infrastructure, the management and governance of large engineering projects, and the use of technology to augment the provision of basic urban services. Ashwin is also a co-founder of Okapi Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd and serves as a Director on the Board.


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