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New videos about Earth Science and Engineering Courses


Oman field trip with ESE Petroleum Geoscience Students

Students from MSc Petroleum Geoscience on their fieldwork in Oman

The Department of Earth Science and Engineering has three new films giving an overview of our courses

Undergraduate Courses in Earth Science & Engineering

Hear from students and teachers about our Geology, Geophysics and Earth and Planetary Science programmes, including fieldwork and research opportunities.

In this film, our staff and students share their thoughts on our undergraduate degree programmes, and we hear about their experiences in the classroom, on fieldwork, and doing undergraduate research opportunity programmes (UROP).

Petroleum MScs in Earth Science & Engineering

Learn about our Petroleum Engineering MSc and Petroleum Geoscience MSc programmes, which are integrated to prepare you for work in industry

Our Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geoscience MSc students work together, which prepares them for industry. Watch this video to hear what students think about the team work, field work and interdisciplinarity of these programmes. 

Applied Computational Science & Engineering MSc in Earth Science and Engineering

Find out about the 12 month Applied Computational Science and Engineering programme, where students combine machine learning, mathematics, sciences and engineering to solve real world problems

In this film, the students highlight the relevant skills they learn through classes and mini-projects. The film highlights the fields brought together in the Applied Computational Science and Engineering MSc, including machine learning, mathematics and physical sciences.


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