Indian Colistin ban in animal welfare major step in fight against AMR


22 July 2019 - Ministry of Health in India bans Colistin in animal food industry

Welcome policy changes as India becomes one of the early countries to ban the use of Colistin in animal industry

On 22 July 2019 the Ministry of Health and Family welfare in India became one of the early countries next to China, the EU countries, USA and Brazil to ban the manufacture, sale and distribution of the drug Colistin and its formulations for food producing animals, poultry, aqua farming and animal feed supplements This followed recommendation of the Drugs Technical Advisory Board for the prohibition of colistin and its formulations.

This notification from the health ministry also directs that the manufacturer of Colistin and its formulations to clearly label the container of the drug and include the following wording on the package insert and promotional literature of the drug and its formulations: “NOT TO BE USED IN FOOD PRODUCING ANIMALS, POULTRY, AQUA FARMING AND ANIMAL FEED SUPPLEMENTS.”

Colistin is considered to be a ‘last resort’ antibiotic in human use. However, deadly bacteria have started developing resistance to even this last resort antibiotic.  Adding to concern were the reports of the arbitrary use of colistin as a growth supplement to food producing animals such as fish and poultry in India.  

Article by: Vrinda Nampoothiri



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