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Central Library Christmas feedback – You said, we did!


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Library Services would like to thank all users who left feedback on our 2019 Christmas tree.

We appreciate your good wishes and wish you all the best in your exams and search for jobs.

Here is our response to your feedback.

We need more study spaces

We understand that space is tight and, in 2019, we ran a campaign encouraging all our users to share the space fairly. We will do this again in 2020. We ask library users to remove their belongings if they are going to be away for 30 minutes or more, and, at busier times, we have introduced Study Break cards to allow users to take a break without losing their place. You can also Text an Attendant if you see spaces that have been left for more than 30 minutes.

It’s always too hot or too cold

Work has recently been carried out to improve the heating and air-conditioning across the whole library. If you continue to experience extremes of temperature please let an Attendant know.

Fix the broken doors

Library staff report all building issues, including problems with the doors, to Estates. On occasion, we change the entry point at the main doors to assist with controlling the temperature within the building. On level 1 we have recently made improvements to make the doors to the Group Study Area and Wolfson Suite fully accessible and this work is now completed.

We want more fiction books

Please visit level 5 to see our full fiction collection - the shelves on level 1 are just a small sample. We also offer other recreational reading and have a full set of Very Short Introductions available online. You can use our book suggestion form to suggest specific titles.

Can we have a sleeping space?

Library Services is not able to provide a sleeping or napping space but we do recommend that you visit the College’s Sleep web pages and SleepImperial blog for advice on how a good night’s sleep can improve your concentration and well-being.

We need more computers

In 2019, in response to user feedback, we installed additional computers across the library. We will be carrying out a more detailed user experience exercise in 2020 and will consider adding more computers if feedback indicates that they are required. You are welcome to use training rooms 1 and 2, and ICT training room 204, when they are not in use for training, and there are also laptops for loan (on level 1) on a self-service basis.

Please provide more LaTeX workshops

An extra LaTeX workshop has been added to Term 2’s programme. Please contact your subject librarian if you need more, or alternative, dates.

Can we have cold water?

Cold drinking water is available on all library levels.

Fix the lifts

The lifts have been fixed. Please report any problems to the Library Attendants.

Let students from other universities in

Undergraduates and taught postgraduates from other universities may use the library during the summer and Christmas vacations if their institution participates in the SCONUL Scheme. Postgraduates at SCONUL institutions may use the library all year round. These arrangements are also in place for Imperial students at other SCONUL libraries. Find out more by visiting our Membership and borrowing web pages.

Improve the toilets

Library Services and Estates have been working closely to find a long-term solution to the on-going maintenance issues with the toilets. Estates have a proposed plan in place which should help to address recent issues.

Library Services appreciates your feedback, please continue to send us your comments via ASK the Library or using a feedback form available at your campus library.



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