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The slow and silent earthquakes that are shaking up seismology


Dr Rebecca Bell gesturing to illustrate tectonic movement

Becky Bell explaining how plates move in earthquakes

Dr Rebecca Bell's research is about earthquakes that occur over weeks or months

Department of Earth Science and Engineering Senior Lecturer Dr Rebecca Bell studies almost imperceptible earthquakes - they are called "slow slip" earthquakes. Rather than being monitored by seismometers, that can't detect the subtle movement, they are monitored using GPS stations.

We can’t feel slow slip events, and seismometers can’t detect them either Dr Rebecca Bell

Rebecca's work has taken her to New Zealand to study slow slip events there, to try to identify the types of rocks that exist in the areas where slow slip, and also involves computational modelling. 

Read more about Rebecca Bell's research and what it's like to have a career in geoscience in this Futurum article, "The slow and silent earthquakes that are shaking up seismology".


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