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CPE launches two new seminar series


Jinho's presentation

The CPE has launched two new seminar series with talks by senior PhD students, postdocs and early-career research fellows followed by a refreshments

The first seminar series focuses on sustainable energy materials (#SustEMseries) and takes place every Tuesday at 17.00 at the Molecular Sciences Research Hub (MSRH) in White City. 

#SoftElectMater seminar seriesThe SustEMseries organising committee of Yifan Dong, Ludmilla Steier and Michael Sachs is inviting speakers working on sustainable energy materials from across College, not only within the CPE, but also from other relevant groups.

Dr Stefano Mezzavilla gave the inaugural talk in the #SustEM series, when he discussed Advanced materials for electrocatalysis and electrosynthesis, followed by Dr Camilo Mesa on the past, present and future of hematite for water splitting.

The second seminar series, meanwhile, focuses on soft electronic materials (#SoftElecMaterseries). Every Thursday, in the Blackett building in South Kensington from 17.00. Dr Jinho Lee gave the first talk when he discussed polymer electrolyte for organic and perovskite solar cells; a week later, Richard Lobo gave a  talk on understanding carbon dots through electrophoretic fractionation and most recently Dr Sungyhun Kim discussed the upper bound of photovoltaic efficiency of imperfect crystals.

Keep an eye on our events page for upcoming seminars!


Lisa Bushby

Lisa Bushby
Department of Physics