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Imperial branded antimicrobial face coverings


Three Design Engineering students have launched a range of branded antimicrobial face coverings, now available across a range of campus outlets.

The face coverings, based upon technology and designs developed by Swiss company HeiQ, have been branded in Imperial colours and graphics by Shafae Ali, Jemima Bradley and Alfie Mcmeeking, students from the Dyson School of Design Engineering, in order to foster a sense of community amongst wearers on-campus.

This initiative marks the launch of the DreamTeam, a concept created with Dr. Nick Munro, Visiting Professor at the Dyson School of Engineering and Imperial Consultants to provide students with experience on ‘real world’ projects.

The face coverings feature 3 layers with technology by HeiQ. Each layer individually helps to keep the user safe and comfortable. The inner layer uses a SmartTemp coating to provide dynamic cooling, whilst the outer layer is coated with Eco Dry and Pure water repellent technology. The middle layer features Viroblock technology, utilising silver ions and cosmetic grade liposomes allowing for antimicrobial protection. Dreamteam created the Imperial branding for this state-of-the-art covering from HeiQ. The result is a range of face coverings that are effective, attractive, and immediately recognisable.

Shafae Ali, Production Lead on the project, said: "When establishing Dreamteam, my first thought was to do an Imperial branded face mask. Masks can often feel anonymous, so we wanted to create a sense of unity amongst students whilst remaining stylish, as well as providing peace of mind through the use of cutting-edge technology. We wanted the masks to encompass Imperial and create a positive atmosphere for those returning to campus."

 ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ 

The overarching theme of the collection, ‘Actions Speak Louder’ is a call to action for students, by students, to wear masks and protect not only themselves and their community, but to be an example in how to adapt in such difficult circumstances. 

Alfie Mcmeeking, Creative Lead, said: “In a time of potential anxiety around social distancing, we felt designs encompassing the qualities of togetherness and unity were more important than ever. I wanted to evoke a community spirit amongst students and staff on campus, whilst also providing superior protection compared to standard masks. We iterated the face covering graphics over 80 times before reaching a final collection.”  

After selecting an existing design already made by manufacturers, the students oversaw the branding, sourcing, supply chain, marketing and creation of point of sale displays. In collaboration with Campus Services, the range will shortly be on sale across a variety of College outlets and venues, as well as being available on the Dill app. The product not only contains a face covering, but also a silicone ear comforter to help reduce pressure from the ears when wearing them.

Jemima Bradley, Commercial Lead on the project, said: “We knew from the start that the technology was especially important, as I don’t think that Imperial students should expect any less than the best that we can provide.  That is why we chose HeiQ’s core design and turned it into something that our community can be identified with and be proud to wear.” 

Watch this space for more projects from Dreamteam.


Maxwell Lacey

Maxwell Lacey
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