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QSE annual presentation day


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Imperial's Quantum Systems Engineering Skills and Training Hub had an annual presentation day in November 2020.

Speakers gave fifteen minute talks covering a broad range of related topics - view the speakers and titles below.


9.00: Welcome by Myungshik Kim

Developing an Efficient Quality Measure for Noisy Implementations of Quantum Circuits
Sean Greenaway

Generation of Disentangled Non-Gaussian Optical States in Optomechanical System Through Coherent Driving
Yuxun Ling

Single Qubit Characterization
Chenlu Liu

Mitigating measurement errors on NISQ devices with random bit-flips
Alistair Smith

Confinement and Entanglement Dynamics on a Digital Quantum Computer
Joseph Vovrosh

Barren plateaus and trainability of quantum neural networks
Samson Jun-Wen Wang

Dielectric Nanoantennas for Photon Generation
John Jinsung Yang

10.50 Tea break

Double Quantum Dot Transistors for Quantum Information Processing
Faris Abualnaja

Challenges in building a full stack quantum computer with trapped ions
David Bretaud

Coherence in trapped ions
Oliver Corfield

Spin echo trains in a rare-earth doped crystal
Ailsa Keyser

Scalable ion-trap entangling gates
Jake Lishman

Single-Phonon Addition and Subtraction to a Mechanical Thermal State
John Price

Optimal quantum control with poor statistics
Frederic Sauvage

Dibenzoterrylene as a Single Photon Source
Ross Schofield

13.00 - Lunch break

Building a vortex laser
Jan Geberbauer

Cavity-enhanced squeezed state generation
Mengbo Long

Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking of the Polarisation of Light
Niall Moroney

Application of Few-Cycle Femtosecond Pulses for Light-Matter Interactions
Allan Pettipher

Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices for Scalable Spin Detection
Elias Polychroniou

Control in topological quantum systems
Said Omar Raii

A 2-in-1 approach for quantum optical information processing: source multiplexing and information processing in a single device
Santiago Sempere Llagostera

Suppressing back reflections in optical whispering gallery mode resonators
Andreas Svela

Robust entangling gates with trapped ions
Christophe Valahu

16.10 - Prizes and closing remarks, Myungshik Kim


Claudia Cannon

Claudia Cannon
Faculty of Natural Sciences