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Two PhD (experiment & theory) positions available


Recruiting two PhD students

We are recruiting two Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) to work in the Marie Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) “Applications and Hardware for Photonic Quantum Information Processing (AppQInfo)”. The ITN will provide multidisciplinary training culminating in PhDs awarded by Imperial College London.

The goal of AppQInfo is to train a top-class cohort of ESRs, that will become the future R&D staff within the area of photonic Quantum Information Processing. We will create and consolidate links between strategic industry partners such as IBM Zurich, NTT and IDQ and leading academic partners including Universities of Warsaw, Vienna, Paderborn, Waterloo, Geneve, Sorbonne, Oxford, Padova and Bruxelles by means of common engagement in research and training courses. This will result in the new understanding of nature and creation of new technologies in quantum communication and quantum simulations.

A crucial feature of the programme will be the close interaction with partners in both industry and academia and projects will involve a high degree of teamwork and interdisciplinary research, including secondments at a partner organisation.

 In particular one ESR will work on an experimental project and the other ESR on a theory project while they are expected to work closely within Imperial and the whole network. The titles of the two projects are as follows with contact details.

  • Experimental project: Quantum simulators based on multiphoton interference – Professor Ian Walmsley and Dr. Raj Patel (;
  • Theory project: Analogue quantum simulation using photons – Prof Myungshik Kim (


Professor Myungshik Kim

Professor Myungshik Kim
Department of Physics

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