Professor Aron Walsh joins JACS as Associate Editor


A photo of Professor Aron Walsh

This month Professor Aron Walsh joined the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) as an Associate Editor.

The Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) is the leading journal in Chemistry. 

I am proud to join a journal with so much history and a track record of groundbreaking publications Professor Aron Walsh

The title, which has been running since 1879, reported recent breakthroughs including iron pnictide superconductors and the first perovskite solar cells. 

Professor Walsh will cover growing topics including materials for clean energy technologies and chemical applications of machine learning.

Latest research

Professor Walsh’s group works on the theory and simulation of materials for energy, including solar cells, fuels, and batteries. Last year his group developed a new technique of predicting the upper limit to solar energy conversion efficiency of crystalline materials, published in Energy and Environmental Science. 

He was recently awarded an ARCHER2 Pioneer Project from UKRI to become a major user on the new UK supercomputer. The project  "High Performance Computing of Sustainable Solar Energy Conversion: HPCSolar" aims to use the capability provided by the 748,544 core massively parallel computer to study materials optimisation for solar energy conversion.


Kayleigh Brewer

Kayleigh Brewer
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