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New Sustainability Week taking place at Imperial

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Sustainability Week (previously known as Greening Imperial Week) will take place from 15-19 February.

Sustainability Week, previously known as Greening Imperial Week, is taking place from 15-19 February. 

Imperial College London and the Imperial College Union have teamed up to host a week-long celebration of sustainability from 15-19 February. Every day will explore a different theme, from energy and waste, to biodiversity, sustainable food and active travel.  

Staff and students are encouraged to come along to find out how Imperial research is making a difference, learn something new and get involved in sustainability.

Launch of the College's Sustainability Strategy

Our new sustainability strategy places the transition to zero pollution at the heart of what we will achieve in the coming years in research, training and innovation. Professor Ian Walmsley Provost, Imperial College London

The programme will begin on 15 February when the Provost, Professor Ian Walmsley, will launch the College’s Sustainability Strategy 2021-2026. Professor Paul Lickiss, Academic Leader in Sustainability, will give a presentation on the Strategy and this will be followed by a panel discussion giving you the opportunity to ask questions about how Imperial can be more a sustainable university and become a carbon net-zero institution by 2040. 

Staff and students who are interested in helping to build a greener, more sustainable College are encouraged to register to be part of Imperial's sustainability network and sign up to the Sustainable Imperial newsletter

How we can all make Imperial more sustainable

Monday 15 February

On Monday evening, the challenge of building a sustainable energy future is explored with a panel of Imperial energy experts. Experts include Professors Nilay Shah, Magda Titirici and Dr Madeleine Morris. Chaired by Energy Future Lab's Professor Anna Korre. 

Tuesday 16 February 

Tuesday is all about water and waste, beginning at lunchtime with the Imperial’s Estates Operations team giving some practical advice on what we can all do to reduce waste and water consumption on campus

In the evening, the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering host a panel discussion on water and waste with Dr Ana Mijic, Energy Systems Engineer Colin Nye and Biohm founder Ehab Sayed. Chaired by Imperial College Union's Stephanie Yeung.  

Wednesday 17 February 

On Wednesday, attendees are encouraged to exercise their entrepreneurial and creative mind by pitching solutions and ideas that address food sustainability. Hosted by Imperial Climate Entrepreneurs, Moonshot and the Ethics & Environment Team at the imperial College Union. Get involved and share your ideas for a greener Imperial. 

We hope that Sustainability Week will provide an opportunity for our community to ask how Imperial can reduce its impact on the planet. Professor Paul Lickiss Academic Leader in Sustainability, Imperial College London

Later on Wednesday, the College’s Socially Responsible Investment Engagement Group invites staff and students to share their thoughts on how the College should hold fossil fuel companies to account through engagement. Imperial College Union President Abhijay Sood will chair a panel discussion on the implementation of the College’s Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) policy. 


Thursday 18 February 

On Thursday lunchtime, Imperial PhD student Ben Chapple shows off some of the rich biodiversity found in the heart of London. In a short virtual guided walk, Ben will provide some useful tips on how to experience nature on your own doorstep.

Later that afternoon, the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment explores the causes and consequences of the unfolding ecological crisis. Speaking will be Dr Bonnie Waring, Dr Will Pearse and Imperial Environmental Society's Petchara Newson. Chaired by Dr Neil Jennings. 

Friday 19 February 

On Friday, Transition to Zero Pollution's Professor Mary Ryan hosts a special event on the future of sustainable mobility. Professor Robert Shorten, Audrey de Nazelle, Enterprise’s George O’Connor and Justin Abbott from Better Streets for Kensington & Chelsea give their thoughts. 

The full list of events and activities can be found here. 

Global goals teach in

Throughout Sustainability Week, the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be highlighted in support of the global “SDG Teach In”, a campaign to put the Global Goals for Sustainable Development at the heart of education.

Global Goals Teach In
The UN's goals for sustainable development.

The Teach In calls upon educators across all stages of education to pledge to include the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within their teaching, learning, and assessment on their course(s) from 22 February - 5 March 2021. 

Educators and students are encouraged to work together to focus on activism and education around the climate crisis, environment, and social justice. More information, including how to get involved can be found here. 


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