Welcoming Maxime and Bryan to our lab!


Adaptive and Intelligent Robotics Lab

The AIRL lab is growing with two new PhD students: Maxime and Bryan.

We are excited to welcome Maxime Allard and Bryan Lim who will be pursuing their PhD in the AIRL lab starting October 2020. Bryan already worked in the AIRL lab during his undergraduate at Imperial College and helped to build our hexapod robot. Maxime has been working as a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer at IBM in London and will continue collaborating with them throughout his PhD pathway. In their new position, they will focus on Quality-Diversity algorithms and Robotics.

We are happy to see them joining our lab and we are looking forward to see them collaborating with other members!


Manon Flageat

Manon Flageat
Department of Computing


Robots, Artificial-intelligence
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