Materials student reaches final for TARGETjobs Undergraduate of the Year Award


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The TARGETjobs Female Undergraduate of the Year Award celebrates female undergraduates who are studying a STEM subject in the UK.

Anjali Devadasan, a first-year Undergraduate in the Department of Materials, was one of the top ten UK students shortlisted for the annual award.

Materials Science meets Marvel

Anjali applied to the TARGETjobs Undergraduate of the Year Awards in January 2021. After the initial written application, she completed psychometric tests, networking days, multiple interviews and two final assessments for Rolls-Royce PLC, to make the final shortlist.

Anjali said: "The assessment centre was my favourite part of the process because it was an incredible experience. I had the brilliant opportunity to network with undergraduate students as well as professionals from Rolls-Royce PLC."

Anjali chose an unusual topic for her virtual presentation to Rolls-Royce PLC - the Iron Man exoskeleton and its connection to Materials Science. 

She adds, " I presented on a topic I’m truly fascinated about – the Iron Man exoskeleton. In the presentation, I briefly covered the possible materials for the Iron Man suit, exoskeleton uses, real-world examples, nuclear fusion as a power source for the suit, 3D printing, and flight, whilst making sure to relate it all to Rolls-Royce.

For example, I discussed how the Iron Man suit could be made from a titanium alloy like a turbine blade and mentioned blue spot corrosion, which I had learnt about in an Origins lecture earlier in the same week!

It was encouraging to see that the interviewer seemed as excited as I was. I’ve learnt that being yourself and sharing your personality can make you enjoy an assessment day more than you ever thought possible."

An image of Professor Peter HaynesProfessor Peter Haynes, Head of the Department of Materials, commented:

“I’m delighted that Anjali applied and was shortlisted for this award: she has demonstrated how capable and talented our first-year students are. Her creative application of knowledge from lectures is particularly impressive."

Advice for future applicants

Anjali admits starting the application process was daunting but insists taking small steps is the best way forward - such as using bullet points to help form your ideas. 

She also emphasises that writing an application can be a valuable learning experience and how taking the step this year has opened a wealth of new opportunities.

She adds: "Have a go and apply! Take every opportunity you can, as you will always learn something new along the way."

Internship at Rolls-Royce PLC

After successfully making the final shortlist for the award, Anjali was offered a 10-week paid summer internship at Rolls-Royce PLC. 

She said: "I am excited about the challenges and opportunities to learn that an internship with Rolls-Royce will bring, and I am also looking forward to being inspired by the work of professionals in the real world in the Civil Aerospace sector."


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