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Find out more about how you can gain virtual work experience to add to your CV.

Virtual work experience programmes share many similarities with traditional in-person internships, but their online nature allows students to gain invaluable experience and boost their CV from anywhere across the globe. Virtual work experience programmes include:

Bright Network Internship Experience UK

Across just three days, Internship Experience UK 2021 enables you to:

  • Build sector and career skills and be trained by leading employers including Rolls Royce, Atkins, Amazon, Bloomberg, EY, Goldman Sachs and Google.
  • Make the right career choice with the chance to trial whether you like a sector.
  • Gain a new certificate recognised by UK employers and follow thousands of members who secured roles after the experience in 2020.

There are eight different experiences to choose from and, with no limit on places, Bright Network are looking for people passionate about their career like you - find out more and apply today.

Please note, if you took part last year – this is a brand new experience with all new content. You will be able to build on the skills you gained and show employers you are truly committed to exploring a career in the sector.


Forage is an online platform providing free open access to virtual experience programmes with world leading companies. The virtual experience programmes (created by companies like JPMorgan Chase, Citi, Accenture, BCG and Deloitte) let you sample ‘life-like’ tasks that provide a better understanding of what it is like to be a junior employee at that company. They take five to six hours to complete and are self-paced.


SpringPod offer free, interactive and high-quality virtual work experience programmes for first year undergraduate students in the most sought after industries. You must be aged 14-19 years old and live in the UK.


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