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A woman washing her hands under running water in rural Mozambique

A woman washing her hands

Projects improve fresh water supply and sanitation in some of the poorest parts of the world.

Imperial College's water supplies are managed through a company called ADSM, which helps us to reduce our costs through efficiency measures.

The contract is one of the many ways in which Estates Operations delivers on the College's sustainability plan through water conservation.

The five year ‘Aquafund’ agreement to identify and save water for all College buildings began just over two years ago. We share the savings made, with 1% donated to Water Aid projects to improve fresh water supply and sanitation in some of the poorest parts of the world.

ADSM provides the following:
• Surveying each College building for water use, controls and installation of water control measures
• Five year maintenance of water controls and remote metering
• Proactive monitoring of water use in all buildings
• Benchmarking water use
• Targeting buildings that require controls and repair work
• Help with water billing, tariff and discrepancies with the water & waste retailer.

Helping the College’s sustainability plan through water conservation and charity work in 2018/19 the partnership brought fresh water to more than 49,000 people in rural Mozambique. 

You can read more detail about this on our webpages.

You can find out more about this partnership and the projects it supports from the Estates Operations Energy Engineer, Hari Haren, who leads on much of our sustainability work.


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