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Trends in Chemistry

Trends in Chemistry

Josh Linfoot and Alex Williams' highlight article on the use of functionalised MIDA-type boronates for meta C-H functionalisation of aryls is publishd

Joshua D. Linfoot, Alexander F. Williams and Alan C. Spivey ‘MIDA-directed meta-selective C−H functionalizations’ Trends in Chemistry, 2021, 3, 512-513. DOI:

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Advancements in arene C(sp2)−H activation as a strategy for C−C bond formation make this synthetic tactic an alluring alternative to more traditional C(sp2)−C(sp2) coupling methods. With the tools now available for efficient activation, the challenge is often that of achieving high regioselectivity, and an attractive approach to accessing remote positions selectively is the use of a directing group. Our recently reported directing group can achieve various meta-selective C−H functionalizations of boronic acids under mild conditions.


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Professor Alan C Spivey
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