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New Course Specialising in Engineering Geology Welcomes Students


Engingeering Geology Field Trip

Engineering Geology Students on the Kent Field Trip

The new MSc in Soil Mechanics and Engineering Geology welcomed its first cohort this month.

It joins an established suite of Soil Mechanics programmes run by the Geotechnics Section of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, now with the opportunity to specialise in engineering geology.

The Geotechnics Course Director, Dr Katerina Tsiampousi said: “We are truly excited to have welcomed our first cohort to the newly introduced MSc programme Soil Mechanics with Engineering Geology!

“After a few years of interruption we are once again offering a course in engineering geology with a focus on education, training and research for geoscientists and engineers.

Curriculum highlights include soil mechanics, engineering geology, ground models, site investigation, rock engineering, geomorphology, hydrogeology, numerical analysis and fieldwork.”

Taught by renowned experts in its field, the programme offers an engaging and extensive curriculum. Students are given first-hand experience with the use of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and software run by the Geotechnics Section.

The programme also runs three field trips, allowing students to apply theory to real-life engineering.

The new cohort recently returned from their first field trip to Kent, organised by Dr James Lawrence, in which they studied slope stability of coastal cliffs in relationship to infrastructure.

Full information on our suite of Geotechnics MSc programmes is available here:


Melanie Hargreaves

Melanie Hargreaves
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering