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Five ways universities are helping businesses decarbonise


An experimental green roof at the Eastside hall of residence in 2014

Universities like Imperial are supporting companies to achieve the transformation in technologies and business models needed to reach net zero.

The need to reduce carbon emissions is now widely accepted by businesses, and companies in a range of sectors including consumer products companies, manufacturers, and retailers are increasingly making concrete commitments to reaching net zero.

Universities are a useful source of technological and business innovation, and Imperial offers industry partnerships and services for businesses in addition to technology commercialisation to translate academic expertise into concrete solutions to sustainability challenges.

Five ways universities are helping businesses decarbonise

  1. Redeveloped products
    New cleaning products, car components, and clothing lines: Experts from Imperial are harnessing advances in science and engineering to help businesses rapidly develop next-generation products that use more sustainable materials and help consumers do more with less energy.
  2. New business models
    Innovative business models such as take-back schemes can reduce waste, maximise re-use and minimise emissions. Imperial experts at the intersection of behavioural science, engineering, business, and policy are helping consumer goods and services companies gain the insights and proofs of concept they need to roll out new models worldwide.
  3. Modern manufacturing techniques
    Imperial researchers and partners in sectors such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals are working to advance manufacturing techniques that use fewer materials and more local supply chains. For hard-to-decarbonise industries like cement manufacturing, CCS technologies could reduce net emissions.
  4. Low-carbon logistics
    Electric transport could herald a new era of low carbon logistics from last-mile deliveries to hybrid heavy vehicles, but technical challenges abound in generation, charging and storage. Imperial researchers and startups are developing tech to help decarbonise any company that needs to get goods from A to B.
  5. Energy-efficient operations
    To reach net zero, companies will need to maximise the energy efficiency of their operations, from heating buildings to refrigerating goods. Imperial is helping small and large businesses to track their energy use, use more sustainable energy and increase energy efficiency across the board. 

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