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QSE and Enterprise Lab host Quantum Innovation Course


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QSE hosted the Quantum Innovation Course on 17-21 January 2022, organised by Imperial Enterprise Lab.

The week-long course supported Quantum PhD students and researchers in exploring their career aspirations (academic, entrepreneurial and industry), and developing a personal action plan to help them achieve this post PhD study.

Programme goals

By the end of the week, the aim was that participants would have had the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the current state of the quantum sector and key opportunities across research and industry
  • Explore what it’s like to pursue a postdoc career in academia – key challenges and opportunities
  • Hear from a series of speakers on what it’s like to move from PhD research in an academic setting to working in industry – key challenges and opportunities
  • Learn the process of taking research from lab to market
  • Understand what it takes to create and raise funding for a new quantum venture – key challenges and opportunities
  • Explore how to critically assess and reflect on their unique skills, motivators, experiences, and interests
  • Based on the above, prepare and present a post PhD career action plan

In March 2022 the group will have a further one-to-one with an experienced coach to check in and create accountability on their action plans.


Marcia Salviato

Marcia Salviato
Department of Physics