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Summer Reading 2: Making teams work for students


Cartoon persons on a video call

Read about a different approach taken to teamwork in the My World module this year.

Next in our Summer Reading series is a blog post from the Change Makers Team on 'teamwork'. That word (or two) with the ability conjure up feelings of dismay, or delight in teachers and students alike.

During 2021-22 whilst teaching modules online, the Change Makers team tested out using 'Room Identities'. These allowed students to self identify with like-minded others and work companionably online, increasing their sense of belonging and of being 'seen'. Find out how this worked in practice.

Read 'Making teams work for students' (

In our next instalment of Summer Reading we'll be looking at feedback - watch this space. Or if you can't wait, jump ahead and read more of the blog posts on the Live, Love, Learn blog.


Cleo Bowen

Cleo Bowen
Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication