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Languages team inspires young learners


school pupils in uniform watching College teacher present

A visit from a local secondary school proved a perfect opportunity to showcase German and other language offerings at the CLCC.

On Friday 7th Oct, twenty pupils from the Grey Coat Hospital (GCH) secondary school visited the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication to find out about language opportunities at Imperial College London and in particular, the study of German.

The visit was organised by Mr Luke Cheveralls, Head of German at GCH, and Dr Fliss Starr Egger, CLCC Director of Languages.

After a brief campus tour, the pupils had a presentation on Languages, Horizons, Language for Science (LfS) and Year Abroad  as well as the department overall. A number of Imperial students joined the session to talk about their reasons for learning German and their experience of residence abroad: Matthew Gilman, Jose Guzman and Joshua Parks (University of Heidelberg, Germany) and Zofia Pukalo (University of Vienna, Austria). 

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The idea for the visit had come about at a chance meeting of Luke Cheveralls and Fliss Starr-Egger at the German Embassy in June, when Luke was presented with a 'German Teacher of the Year Award'.

The Grey Coat Hospital is a Church of England comprehensive school for girls in the London Borough of Westminster.


Cleo Bowen

Cleo Bowen
Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication