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targetjobs Undergraduate of the Year Award 2023

Set yourself apart and be an Undergraduate of the Year 2023!

The targetjobs Undergraduate of the Year Awards is an annual competition aimed at finding the best undergraduates in the UK.

Being the best means combining academic excellence and the ability to pass a series of challenging online assessments with good written communication skills and the interpersonal skills to stand out among their peers in assessment centres.

The final shortlist of ten students for each award are invited to a glitzy ceremony in April 2023, during which the winners are announced. The finalists can network with graduate recruiters before the winners are announced!

Each award is partnered with a prominent graduate recruiter who provides a fantastic prize for the winner, including a paid internship, networking sessions, trips abroad, and other exclusive opportunities. 

You may well be eligible to enter more than one award, but the rules of the competition mean that you can only enter for one award, so choose wisely. Read each entry page carefully to see which award you're best suited for before you start the application process.

This year there are 13 different awards to suit every student regardless of university, degree subject or year.

targetjobs Undergraduate of the Year Award 2023

    Winning a targetjobs Undergraduate of the Year Award – or being a finalist – often leads to a job offer. Those shortlisted have a recognised accolade to add to their CV and benefit from a networking day with top graduate employers.

    Deadline for applications is 30 January 2023.

    Learn more about the awards and apply today!


    Marina Gonzalez Vasquez

    Marina Gonzalez Vasquez
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