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From Biochemistry BSc to Creative Writing MFA


Tik Kwun Chan at HKU

We are delighted that an alumnus from our CLCC Creative Writing programme has gone on to begin an MFA in Creative Writing at HKU.

Tik Kwun Chan, who studied Biochemistry at Imperial, becomes the first of our alumni to proceed to MFA (Master in Fine Arts) -level study. Tik Kwun took the Horizons Creative Writing module in 2016-17, during the second year of his undergraduate degree. He was accepted on to the prestigious postgraduate degree at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), starting this term.

Of the MFA, Tik Kwun writes: "The program has a heavy emphasis on multi-lingual writers writing primarily in English, and I am specifically interested in writing short stories and poetry. Doing an MFA is a very important step for me."

Horizons study played a significant role in Tik Kwun's confidence building as he branched out from natural sciences into fine arts: "It was important that I had experienced a workshop setting beforehand in the Creative Writing Horizon's class at Imperial. That really gave me confidence that this was something I could realistically pursue."

We congratulate Tik Kwun and wish him all the best in his new course of study.


Cleo Bowen

Cleo Bowen
Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication