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Undaunted’s The Greenhouse welcomes 15 climate innovation startups to Cohort 4


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The Greenhouse accelerator supports emerging startups looking to tackle climate change through innovative, scalable, and impactful business ideas.

Our startups have gone on to raise somewhere in excess of $1bn, creating businesses that are now selling products and services that are making a real impact on climate change. Professor Richard Templer Co-founder of The Greenhouse

From up-cycling captured carbon dioxide and harnessing wave energy, to augmenting urban forestry investment and tackling the waste crisis by supporting kids to repair their electronics: The Greenhouse’s fifteen new startups are on a mission to tackle climate change and set up successful businesses along the way.

Undaunted’s twelve-month Greenhouse accelerator programme supports early-stage (pre-seed) businesses to develop the skills and experience needed to succeed in a competitive marketplace. As well as expert coaching, masterclasses, and equity-free grant funding, our Greenhouse startups benefit from being based in central London, with access to free workspace at the Royal Institution.

“We’ve been running the accelerator continuously for ten years, and it’s uniquely focussed on climate change, says Professor Richard Templer, Co-Founder of The Greenhouse. “In that time 70% of our start-ups have gone on to raise somewhere in excess of $1bn, creating businesses that are now selling products and services that are making a real impact on climate change. We are the most experienced and successful accelerator in our field.”

Undaunted in the face of climate change

“Collaboration, creativity and diversity of thought are key to addressing the climate crisis, and so it’s wonderful to see this reflected in the new cohort of ventures.” Michaela Wright Head of Corporate Sustainability, HSBC UK

As Undaunted and its activities evolve, diversifying the climate innovation space becomes a key tenet of its approach. “We know that teams from diverse backgrounds and with diverse experience are drivers of the best innovation”, says Professor Templer, “so I’m delighted that Cohort 4 is our most diverse yet. A majority of our start-ups have female founders, and the spread of ethnic backgrounds strongly reflects the diversity of London.”

“Their start-ups are based on deep technological inventions”, he continues, “things like aerodynamic retrofit for shipping and carbon nanomaterials from captured CO2. Loads of promise, that I look forward to seeing grow and thrive.”

Co-Founder and Head of The Greenhouse, Naveed Chaudhry, is as excited as ever. “I’ve now supported over 100 climate-focused startups in my role, and never cease to be amazed by the ingenious ideas, inspiring individual stories, and passionate teams that join us on each cohort. As Richard outlined, we are delighted that this cohort is our most diverse yet, and the ideas we will be supporting have the potential to be very impactful.”

“Our role at The Greenhouse, and Undaunted more broadly”, he continues, “will be to support them to help maximise their potential, and create a supportive environment to support their growth.”

The Greenhouse accelerator programme is supported in-part by HSBC UK through the bank’s global Climate Solutions Partnership. 

“Collaboration, creativity and diversity of thought are key to addressing the climate crisis, and so it’s wonderful to see this reflected in the new cohort of ventures.” says Michaela  Wright, Head of Corporate Sustainability at HSBC UK. “We’re excited to continue supporting young companies as they look to develop innovative new products and services that will help the world adapt to and reverse climate change.”

Meet Cohort 4

Acer Resources – vertically farmed fresh fruit and vegetables. Sustainably delivered. For everyone.

Alo Mundus – offers a platform and network solutions for investing in urban forestry with the ability to create tangible social and biodiversity impacts beyond carbon offsets.

BlueNose – offers retrofit tailored aerodynamic improvements to shipowners that allow them to reduce their fuel consumption by 3-5 %.

Nodum – ChargeBridge - Bridging the charge gap. We provide EV charging solutions for terraced homes.

Cool – is closing the carbon cycle, with tech that up-cycles carbon dioxide into an advanced material (carbon nanotubes), permanently storing emissions in a profitable and scalable application.

Cresco –Creating low carbon architectural materials with Biomanufacturing and industrial waste. The future is grown.

DyeRecycle– Developing an innovative dyeing fibre technology using recycled dye from textile waste

Gridicity – a B2B software service that makes charging and discharging schedules for electric vehicle fleets to earn them money while reducing emissions.

Radiant Foods – healthy, plant-based meat that is genuinely good for you. Our products are free from ultra-processed ingredients and have exceptional taste and texture.

SHADY.CLUB – helping sustainable fashion brands outwit greenwashing and grow their business with SHADE: a Chrome extension built for shoppers to find sustainable fashion apparel using visual search anywhere across the web.

Tak Tuk – help retailers decrease packaging use for their e-commerce operations with innovative design reducing overall material needs and enabling reuse.

Team Repair – encourages the next generation to repair, not replace, tackling the electronic waste crisis. They send children strategically broken gadgets to fix, with accompanying educational content, to teach them the real-life skill of repairing things in a fun and engaging way.

The Wonki Collective – the UK’s first fully customisable grocery subscription dedicated to stopping food waste. It rescues surplus and deliciously 'Wonki' produce from the supply chain that would otherwise go to waste.

Wave Mining Solutions – harnesses wave energy to generate electricity and restore beaches.

Looking forward

Applications for the fifth cohort of The Greenhouse are now open, with successful applicants starting in Spring 2023. Sign up to the our newsletter, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up-to-date on news, events and opportunities.

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Undaunted is a home for London-based innovators to implement global change through pioneering, practical solutions. Its founding partners (Imperial’s Grantham Institute and The Royal Institution), members, and activities make it a unique hub of climate innovation: not only within the world of enterprise, but also across law, policy, academic and societal engagement contexts.

Undaunted is a partnership between Imperial's Grantham Institute and The Royal Institution.

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The Greenhouse is currently part of the Centre for Climate Innovation (CCCI) project which is co-funded by the 2014 to 2020 ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) programme. The CCCI is now part of Undaunted.

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Undaunted is part-funded by HSBC UK

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