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The Love Makers Book Cover

In an article for the Irish Times, Dr Aifric Campbell talks about her inspiration for The Love Makers and introduces the novel's short film.

Creative Writing lecturer Dr Aifric Campbell was recently published in the Irish Times where she talks in-depth about her novel The Love Makers. In the article, entitled Our future is a merging of human and machine, so what is the impact on our relationships?, Dr Campbell talks openly about her inspiration for the novel, her research and the arts-science dialogue of the book.

She also introduces the The Love Makers short film, directed by filmmaker Cal Murphy Barton, which brings the story into a new dimension.

Watch The Love Makers film.

Dr Aifric Campbell is a lecturer in Creative Writing at Imperial College London and author of six novels. The Love Makers is "a philosophical thriller about female friendship, class, motherhood, women, and work--and how artificial intelligence and robotics are transforming the future of love and desire." As well as a story, the book includes essays from leading scientists and commentators, blending storytelling with science communication to investigate the challenges and opportunities of AI.

Read Dr Aifric Campbell's full article in the Irish Times


Ms Cleo Bowen

Ms Cleo Bowen
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