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Premier of 'Is Psychiatry Working?' podcast


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The BBC Radio 4 podcast series launched on Friday, including contributions from CLCC's Dr Jennifer Wallis.

Dr Jennifer Wallis, historian of medicine and psychiatry and module leader for History of Modern Medicine and the Body, has been involved in the BBC Radio 4 series exploring the questions about the ways psychiatry understands and treats people in trouble.

Presented by writer Horatio Clare and psychiatrist Femi Oyebode, 'Is Psychiatry Working?' will trace a journey through crisis, detention, diagnosis, therapy, and recovery. In the first episode they look at how psychiatry responds to those in crisis.

The first podcast aired on Friday 20th January and episodes will be released weekly.

Is Psychiatry Working? podcast website


Ms Cleo Bowen

Ms Cleo Bowen
Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication