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UK association to Horizon Europe remains best outcome, says President Brady


Hugh Brady

President Hugh Brady called for UK association to Horizon Europe to be finalised, as he met science leaders, policymakers and alumni in Brussels.

President Brady said: “The Horizon Europe framework is the most important programme for facilitating and supporting international research collaboration at scale. UK association to Horizon Europe remains the best outcome for UK and European partners.” 

“Horizon Europe is a key building block for global science collaboration." Professor Hugh Brady President of Imperial College London

During the visit to Brussels President Brady met with science and university leaders at the Science|Business annual network. President Brady also met with UK Ambassador to the EU, Lindsay Croisdale-Appleby and Deputy Ambassador Will Macfarlane to discuss the importance of strong links with European partners for UK science. 

President Brady also spoke on a Science|Business panel about global collaboration in an age of competition, alongside Christian Ehler, a leading German MEP who sits on the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) committee, Darja Isaksson, Executive Director of Vinnova, and François Bertrand, Vice President, Polytechnique Montréal. 

Imperial hosted an event for alumni living in Brussels to update them on the some of the College’s ambitious European partnerships.  

President Brady added: “The College has campaigned consistently with UK sector organisations and the support of European partners since the referendum. 

“We have also taken decisive steps to deepen our European collaborations. 

“Horizon Europe is a key building block for global science collaboration. 64% of Imperial publications are the product of international research collaborations and about 60% of Imperial’s research papers with a US collaborator also have a European co- author, as do 72% with Canada and 81% with Brazil.” 

In an interview with Science Business, President Brady said that UK association to Horizon Europe was event more crucial considering the US's green tech stimulus via the Inflation Reduction Act.

European connections 

Hugh, Maria and Antoine
President Brady met Maria Leptin, President of the European Research Council and Antoine Petit, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the CNRS

Imperial scientists are continuing to successfully apply for and win European Research Council grants, part of the Horizon Europe Framework. 

President Brady said: “These collaborations are an essential part of our global partnerships, strengthening the influence and impact of UK research.” 

The College has several flagship partnerships with institutes across Europe and is committed to strengthening partnerships with leading collaborators.  

Imperial recently launched a pioneering project with France’s CNRS and the University of Lille to use artificial intelligence to fast-track treatments for conditions such as diabetes and obesity. This is part of a strategic partnership between Imperial and CNRS that cross all areas of science. 

In November, Imperial launched a London-Munich Zero Pollution Network with the Technical University of Munich to develop and translate solutions to some of the greatest sustainability challenges and combined threats of global pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change. 

Brussels alumni 

Alumni in Brussels gathered to hear about some of the College's new projects

President Brady met with more than 30 of Imperial’s alumni based in Brussels to update them on College projects and hear about their inspiring journeys following graduation from the College. 

Divyank and Fadia
Fadia Trache and Divyank Gupta spoke to President Brady about their work after graduating 

Divyank Gupta (Business School, MSc Management, 2019) is now a manager at pharmaceuticals company GSK. Divyank said: “I was introduced to a career in pharmaceuticals by a guest speaker from the health sector who spoke at the Business School. The course really prepared me on how to analyse companies’ performance and understand the financial analysis. Imperial’s network meant that when I moved to Brussels I was able to meet fellow alumni here. Wherever I go, I will always find someone from Imperial.” 

“When you have Imperial on your CV it’s like a key to unlocking opportunities as it is so renowned." Fadia Trache MSc Biomedical Engineering

Fadia Trache (MSc Biomedical Engineering, 2019) also works at GSK as a data and insights manager. 

Fadia said: “When you have Imperial on your CV it’s like a key to unlocking opportunities as it is so renowned. The way I found out about GSK was through a careers fair at the College. The medical imaging aspect of my course allowed me to to diversify and enabled a career in pharmaceuticals. I look back at my time at Imperial as one of the highlights of my life, and what was great was the diverse number of students so you could easily find home within the community.” 

Brussels alumni
Sivasegaram Manimaaran (middle) and Anne-Gaelle Collot (right) first met at the College more than 20 years ago.

Dr Sivasegaram Manimaaran (MEn Dept of Chemical Engineering & Chemical Technology 1992, PhD 1996) who works at the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency, and Anne-Gaelle Collot (Chemical Engineering, 1999) a senior manager at Plastics Europe, met while studying at the College and have been married for more than 20 years. 

Sivasegaram, who follows in his father and grandfather’s footsteps by studying at Imperial’s Faculty of Engineering, said: “We both had strong research backgrounds at Imperial and in many ways are linked to that world and using our research backgrounds now. Imperial is a very international university and in my current environment the College is seen at the forefront of entrepreneurship and supporting innovators.” 

Anne-Gaelle said: “I’m using what I learned at the College working in the field now. Chemical recycling is a big thing now for the industry. Imperial is very international, we were studying with people from all over the world. It also helped us to formulate a network and we are still in touch with friends from our course.” 


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