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DSI's Winter Schools in data science "going from strength to strength"


DSI students writing notes at a winter school

Over 80 students took part in two different winter schools run by Imperial’s DSI, to learn more about data science and artificial intelligence.

Over January and February 2023, the Data Science Institute in collaboration with Imperial’s Centre for Continuing Professional Development hosted two winter schools for students to learn more about data science or to understand more about artificial intelligence and data science in relation to healthcare innovation.

49 students took part in the Data Science Online Winter School and 38 students took part in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Business Innovation Winter School. In the former, students were introduced to the concept of data science by hearing from industry experts on common data science applications and worked in teams towards a technical project.

Lectures were delivered by various members of the DSI team and included introductions to natural language processing by Dr Jingqing Zhang, machine learning by Dr Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye and blockchain technology Dr Kai Sun.

In the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Business Innovation Winter School, students learnt about the role of AI and data science in driving a new era of innovation in many fields including industry and business.

Students heard lectures in artificial intelligence from Professor Yi-Ke Guo, data science entrepreneurship from Dr Mark Kennedy and robotics and AI in engineering design from Professor Peter Childs.

Top student talent from the UK and China

Both Winter Schools recruited the top student talent from universities in the UK and China.  

According to Betty Yue, Head of Centre for Continuing Professional Development: “The winter schools are going from strength to strength, attracting quality students from top China universities as well as from UK Russell Group universities."

"I’m particularly impressed with the students group project presentations, seeing the high standard of the work they produced in such a short time frame.  Thanks to the DSI teaching faculty and supervisors for giving their time and dedication to provide an excellent learning experience for the students.”


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