Imperial’s international scholars reflect on life-changing opportunities


Scholars with President

More than a hundred international scholars from 37 countries joined diplomats, academics and funders to celebrate their achievements at Imperial.

The scholars reflected on their time at Imperial and some of the life-changing opportunities they have benefitted from through the available scholarship programmes.

scholarship funders
The scholars were joined by diplomats, academics and funders to celebrate their achievements

Imperial’s student scholars represent 37 countries around the world such as Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, Turkey, and Ukraine.

President with scholars
President Hugh Brady and Vice President Maggie Dallman praised the achievements of Imperial's international scholars

President Hugh Brady said: “Imperial attracts the very best students from all backgrounds, and we want to ensure they go as far as their talents can take them.  

“This is at the core of our ambition as a College. We believe that Scholarships provide a powerful lever to open the doors of opportunity, ensuring that students from across the world have every opportunity to achieve success in their educational aspirations.” 

Chevening scholars
More than a hundred international scholars attended the event including several funded through the Chevening scholarship programme.

Imperial recently announced new scholarship partnerships with DAAD in Germany and Colfuturo in Colombia, and partial scholarships in Egypt, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Thailand. The British Council also funds a scholarship programme at Imperial for women in STEM from Latin America.  

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student scholars
Some of the student scholars shared the outcomes from their research projects

Sanctuary scholarships 

Imperial recently launched its Sanctuary Scholarships programme for Masters students to support students from displaced communities, including asylum seekers and refugees.
Professor Brady said: “When the war in Ukraine broke out last year, we felt strongly about supporting students whose education had been affected. 

“We initially considered establishing a scholarship for Ukrainian scholars, but after consultation with our community, we decided to create a scholarship that was as broad as possible, a scholarship that can support academically outstanding students from across the world who find themselves displaced from their home country.”  

Star scholars 

Haneen said getting accepted at Imperial was a dream come true

Haneen Almosalamy, from Egypt is supported through a Chevening the UK government’s international scholarships and fellowships programme. Haneen is studying for an MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management in the Business School.

Haneen said: “Getting accepted at Imperial with a Chevening Scholarship was a dream come true. I am honored to be living three of my dreams; living in London, attending London's top university and studying for my dream project, all while serving in a cause deeply connected to my heart, empowering underprivileged people, in the British Red Cross. 
“Imperial’s students all have potential to drive change, create impact and become shining leaders.”

Abdullah said he was drawn to Imperial's reputation for academic excellence and innovation

Abdullah Al-Buriahi, from Yemen, is a Sanctuary scholar studying MSc Transport in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. 
Abdullah said: “When I first learned about Imperial, I was drawn to its reputation for academic excellence and innovation. I knew that this was the place where I could develop my skills, expand my knowledge, and build my career in the field of transport. 
“Studying at Imperial has been engaging from day one. With passionate and knowledgeable faculty members and challenging coursework, I have been pushed to my limits and beyond, and have enjoyed participating in cutting-edge research projects that are making a difference in the world. 
“I am now eager to apply my knowledge and skills to real-world challenges in the transportation industry as a policymaker and to be a great leader in my field as many Imperial students have been.” 

Brena said Imperial has been a positive experience in many ways

Brena Cedraz is one of Imperial’s British Council Women in STEM scholars. Brena came from a favela in Brazil to do a MSc in Taxonomy, Biodiversity, and Evolution in the Department of Life Sciences. 

Brena said: “Imperial has been a positive experience in many ways, even during the hard moments of the course. People here don’t just support me but also inspire me.
“Initially, my main goal was to help protect my country's nature, especially the flora of the rainforests, focusing on the evolutionary history that it carries.

"But now I hope that, with all the experiences I have been acquiring, I'll also be able to appeal for the public to recognise the power of basic science, and, academically, explore other areas that might be useful for the cause, as well as explore new partnerships and bring more perspectives.” 

Kadiy'a said she had benefited from endless opportunities at the College

Kadiy’a Roberts, from Trinidad & Tobago, is studying in the Department of Chemical Engineering.  

Kadiy’a said: “Studying at Imperial has been challenging but very rewarding. There are endless opportunities for networking and collaboration. 
“There is so much diversity here it’s a wonderful community to be a part of. There’s something for everyone and you can find your space at Imperial.” 

Vinay said Imperial had helped strengthen his networks and had a diverse and international community

Vinay Sharma, from India, is a Masters student in the Department of Aeronautics, is carrying out research into periodic orbits which could have future applications for energy efficient space missions. 
Vinay said: “I always wanted to be involved in working in sustainability in the aerospace industry and Imperial is home to some globally leading groups in aeronautics.  
“Imperial has been great for strengthening my networks. Before I came to London I was told that Imperial has one of the most international communities, and when I arrived, I saw that for myself as my class has students from all over the world.” 

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