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Imperial startups showcase innovative technology in US



Founders from the seven startups with President Brady

Some of Imperial’s most innovative startups showcased their pioneering ideas and innovative technology at a special showcase in the US.

The startups were in New York and Boston to meet potential investors and collaborators. 

Joined by the President, Professor Hugh Brady, and a team from Imperial’s Enterprise Lab, the startups presented their ideas to the College’s alumni and supporters in New York and Boston. 

Imperial students are among London’s most promising entrepreneurs - the three-year survival rate for companies founded by Imperial students is 81% compared to a London average of just over 50%.  

Imperial startup
Imperial startup Charco Neurotech

In February 2022, Imperial was named the best university for prospective entrepreneurs in Europe, and fifth best worldwide, because of the College's unique mix of STEM expertise and a world-class entrepreneurial ecosystem.  

Sarah Ranchev-Hale, Head of Imperial's Enterprise Lab, said: "Innovation is at the core of what we do at Imperial. The Enterprise Lab, which opened in 2016 as a dedicated space and centre for student entrepreneurship, now supports well over 2,000 students and 500 alumni every year.

"Each of these startups have been through one of the programmes at the Enterprise Lab and really epitomise the entrepreneurial talent at Imperial." 

Seven startups to watch: 

  • Charco Neurotech have developed a wearable device to tackle the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The device is worn on the sternum and delivers two distinct clinically validated therapies: focused stimulation, and personalised 'cueing'. 
  • MintNeuro: The company is developing a platform technology for tiny implantable devices to treat neurological conditions in a less invasive, yet more precise way. 
  • Saltyco:  They are working to reduce the environmental footprint of clothing and textiles by creating fabrics from plants grown in seawater, providing a potential solution for the currently freshwater-intensive fashion and textile industries. 
  • The Shellworks: Are a biotech startup looking to make plastic waste a thing of the past by turning waste crustacean shells into biodegradable, compostable products, providing a plastic packaging alternative. 
  •  The Tyre Collective: They have created the world's first device to collect tyre particles from vehicles, a major contributor to the world’s air pollution.  
  • Untap: Have created a device for communities to monitor wastewater sewage for infectious diseases.   
  • Woost: They are supporting women’s gynaecological health by developing a home blood test kit to track key biomarkers in their menstrual blood to diagnose gynaecological health conditions more effectively, coupled with a digital platform to understand symptoms.

American alumni 

american alumni
More than 100 alumni and supporters joined the event in New York

Imperial has a growing network of alumni living in the US – with currently nearly 8,000. 

Speaking at the alumni event, President Brady said: “The Imperial Alumni community is a force for good and impact in the world – an amazing network of over 240,000 alumni around the world, and a great way, not just to stay in touch with us, but also with one another. 
“I’ve heard incredible stories about how our alumni continue to advocate for Imperial, live the passion and values of Imperial, support our students, inspire the next generation, and strive towards solving the worlds challenges.”

Alumni award winner Erblin Ribari

One of those alumni, Erblin Ribari (MSc Investment & Wealth Management, 2019) recently won an Emerging Alumni Leader Award at Imperial’s annual alumni awards. Erblin works for a startup which is helping to connect fragmented communities. He is also expanding his knowledge at Harvard University with an ambitious goal of eventually creating the first stock exchange for his home country, Kosovo.

Erblin said: “Imperial serviced as a mechanism for me to experiment and explore the unknown and while studying at the College I met major companies and gained a perspective of consulting and the investing world. Imperial is a really unique place – you get to meet people from all over the world who I am still in touch with now. 

“Everything is possible if you really work hard towards it and Imperial will enable you to achieve success. The people there will encourage you to explore the unknown and discover what’s possible.”  

Imperial alumni
Varda (third from left, front) said the alumni network is great for making friends and mentors

Varda Choraria (MSc Risk management and financial engineering, 2011) Varda, originally from India now works at a startup in New York, said: “I was drawn to Imperial as four family members had studied there previously and Imperial has a strong reputation across the globe. With the alumni network it’s good to have a community when you move into a new environment. If you don’t already have strong networks it can help you to make friends and mentors.  Imperial is so diverse and attracts people from everywhere so I can find a friend and fellow Imperial graduate all over the world.” 

Christopher Cosgrove (Management, 2003) is a turnaround consultant based in New York. Christopher said: “It was Imperial's entrepreneurship programme that made me want to study there. Imperial’s MBA has allowed me to have a global career and has been a passport to work across the world. The alumni network is really critical - there are graduates from so many different fields it’s great to see. Networking is so important and having access to build a career.”

Imperial alumni
Imperial has a growing network of alumni living in the US – with nearly 8,000. 


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