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Physics Professor at MIT explores innovative research at Imperial's DSI

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MIT Professor visits the DSI

Head of the Physics Department at MIT Professor Deepto Chakrabarty, visited Imperial's Data Science Institute to hear about current research.

We are thrilled to share the visit of Professor Deepto Chakrabarty from MIT to the Data Science Institute (DSI) last week. Professor Chakrabarty, a distinguished figure in the field of physics, had the opportunity to delve into the cutting-edge research activities carried out at DSI.  The Physics Professor was joined on the visit by Erin McGrath and Danielle Forde from MIT.

During his visit, Dr Mark Kennedy, the Director of DSI, warmly welcomed Professor Chakrabarty and provided him with an enlightening overview of the institute's ongoing projects. Dr Kennedy emphasized the multidisciplinary nature of research at DSI, highlighting the institute's strong focus on data science across various domains.

Dr Mark Kennedy presents work in the Data Observatory

One of the highlights of the visit was a series of captivating demos presented by Dr. Ovidiu Serban in the Data Observatory. These demos showcased the power of advanced data analytics and visualization techniques, impressing Professor Chakrabarty.

Dr Ovidiu Serban presents data visualization work in the observatory

Professor Chakrabarty expressed his appreciation for the growing integration of probability, statistics, computation, and data analysis techniques within the research conducted by PhD students in the MIT Physics Department. He emphasized the increasing importance of these skills in both experimental and theoretical physics research, driven by the expanding volume of datasets, sophisticated physics simulations, and the emergence of cutting-edge machine learning tools.

(For more information on the programme, you may refer to the following link:


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