New edition of Impact of Giving Report celebrates philanthropy at Imperial


Postdoctoral Fellow Alice Malivert studying the effects of drought stress on plant leaves

The report highlights how gifts given to the College between 2022–2023 are shaping the student experience and sparking new research.

Imperial has published its 2022–2023 Impact of Giving Report, the latest edition of its annual report celebrating the impact philanthropy has on the College. Between 2022–2023, over 3,800 of our alumni, partners and friends donated a staggering £59 million, supporting pioneering research and the talented individuals leading it.

Enabling the pursuit of groundbreaking research

The theme of the Report is ‘Championing future changemakers’, as gifts from our donor community went towards bold and ambitious research that is seeking answers to the world’s most pressing challenges. Within the report we hear from academics embarking on such groundbreaking projects, including researchers from Imperial’s Department of Brain Sciences, who are at the forefront of the fight against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and accelerating the path to a cure.

The Report also features a case study from eco-startup Lylo, as philanthropic funding has helped to advance their mission to solve one of the world’s most significant environmental issues: the increasing prevalence of water shortages worldwide. Lylo reduces household water usage through its flagship product – a household aerating washing machine that reuses shower water to wash clothes.  

Championing future changemakers

Philanthropy also provided lifechanging support for many of our students. Between 2022–2023, £13.1 million was given to scholarships, student support and prizes. By removing financial barriers, we are able to continue attracting the brightest minds wherever they may be.

It is heart-warming to see that giving to Imperial has continued to grow, both in the amount raised and in the number of donors participating. Michael Murphy Vice-President (Advancement)

This year’s Impact of Giving Report features interviews and testimonials from a number of students who have benefited from financial support. This includes bursary recipient and recent alumnus Michelle, who used her passion for mechanical engineering to lead award-winning research on tyre particle emissions at Imperial.

Describing the impact of receiving the bursary, Michelle says: “[The bursary] allowed me to fully immerse myself in university life – attending conferences and taking on work experience and other extracurricular activities. The student experience is defined by big considerations like living near campus down to small considerations like being able to take a bus when it’s raining. Thanks to the generosity of donors, all these things were accessible to me.”

The Report also features Msc Transport student and Sanctuary Support Fund recipient Abdullah, who says: “I grew up in Yemen, but the devastating impact of ongoing war meant I had to leave my country in order to pursue higher education. When I arrived in the UK I had no financial support, so receiving the Sanctuary Scholarship and an opportunity to complete my Master’s at Imperial gave me a huge sense of hope.”

Michael Murphy, Vice President of Advancement, expressed his gratitude to donors in the Report for their incredible generosity and support to the College, stating: “It is heart-warming to see that giving to Imperial has continued to grow, both in the amount raised and in the number of donors participating. [Such] support helps Imperial attract the brightest minds to teach and study here...[and] we feel truly touched by the support. Thank you for making an impact and demonstrating just how resilient we are as a community.”

Read the Imperial 2022–2023 Impact of Giving Report


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