Chemical Engineering Teaching Lab awarded the prestigious LEAF Gold Award


Chemical Engineering undergraduate teaching team

Dr Mohamed Maher and Andrew Macey

The Undergraduate Teaching Lab team has been recognised for their leadership in implementing sustainable practices in the teaching environment.

They have been awarded the first LEAF Gold award in the Faculty of Engineering at Imperial College London. 

The team, Dr Umang Shah, Andrew Macey, and Dr Mohamed Maher, were commended for their exemplary sustainable lab practices. 

The LEAF Gold Award 

LEAF is a green initiative first developed by University College London (UCL) to improve the efficiency and sustainability of laboratories and technical workspaces.

The Gold Award is accorded to those who have successfully embedded key sustainability practices, such as reducing waste, energy consumption and demonstrating commitment to the sustainability framework.

On being conferred the award, Professor Omar Matar, Head of Department, stated: “I am extremely proud of the team for their dedication and drive!.” 

Journey to sustainable teaching

The Chemical Engineering undergraduate teaching lab team have been at the forefront of embedding sustainability practices to transform the traditional practical learning facilities and activities.

This contributes to a broader initiative aimed at developing a novel Sustainability Education Framework (ESF), which fosters sustainability values in our learners and educators.

The team’s mission is to seamlessly integrate key sustainability principles into the practical curriculum to emphasise sustainability in labs and create a unique environment that promotes sustainability values.

As Dr Mohamed Maher, Process Control Engineer, said; “It has been an incredible journey working with the team. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to be part of implementing the sustainability framework in the Chemical Engineering Teaching labs, leading to the very first LEAF Gold award for the Faulty of Engineering.” 

Looking ahead 

The team is at an exciting phase of its journey towards sustainable development.

They are in the process of implementing a number of innovative solutions to enhance the practical learning experience including a hybrid power system that would enable half of the lab to function on renewable energy, thereby decreasing the lab’s carbon footprint. 

Professor Jerry Heng, Director of Undergraduate Studies at the Department of Chemical Engineering stated: “We are immensely proud of this achievement and delighted to witness sustainable framework being implemented, demonstrating the leadership and initiative taken by the Chemical Engineering Teaching labs team, for the present and future.”



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