Professor Ifan Stephens awarded Royal Society of Chemistry medal


Professor Ifan Stephens

Professor Ifan Stephens has been awarded the Geoffrey Barker Medal by The Royal Society of Chemistry Electrochemistry Group.

This award recognises his contributions to the field of electrochemistry.

Professor Ifan Stephens joined Imperial College London in 2017 and has since developed the Interfacial Electrochemistry Group in the Department of Materials.

His research explores the large-scale conversion of renewable energy into fuels and valuable chemicals using electrochemistry, as well as the reverse process. These insights are key to increasing the uptake of renewable energy, offering promising pathways for sustainable energy production.

I am really overjoyed by this news. Professor Ifan Stephens Department of Materials

In more detail, he focuses on electrocatalysts, the materials that define the efficiency of several key electrochemical processes, including electrolysis for energy storage, zero-emission fuel cells, green synthesis of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and enhanced battery performance.

Professor Stephens has also contributed to the field by discovering or co-discovering several new catalysts for oxygen reduction reactions. In particular, his findings on hydrogen peroxide led to the founding of the spinout company HP Now.

He comments: “I am really overjoyed by this news. Science is a team effort. I would like to give enormous credit to my colleagues, collaborators and above all, the current and former members of my research group for being such outstanding researchers.”

Professor Stephens will receive his award and deliver a lecture at the Electrochem2024 conference in September.

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