Imperial Researchers Win Best Paper Award at EuroSys 2024


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EuroSys is a premier conference on various aspects of systems software research and development

At the prestigious EuroSys 2024 conference, researchers from Imperial have been awarded the Best Paper Award for their groundbreaking work on database system isolation. The paper, titled "Validating Database System Isolation Level Implementations with Version Certificate Recovery," is a collaborative effort by Jack Clark, Alastair F. Donaldson, John Wickerson, and Manuel Rigger.

EuroSys, the European Conference on Computer Systems, is a highly regarded venue for presenting research in the field of computer systems. This year's conference, held in Athens, showcased a variety of innovative studies, but the work by the Imperial team stood out for its significant contributions to ensuring the correctness of database transactions.

About the winning paper 

The awarded paper addresses the critical issue of isolation anomalies in production database systems. These anomalies can lead to unexpected behaviors when transactions are executed concurrently, potentially causing significant problems in real-world applications. To tackle this, the researchers developed a novel white-box checker named Emme, which efficiently validates the isolation levels of database transactions.



Mr Ahmed Idle

Mr Ahmed Idle
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