Signing contract

All requests to undertake clinical research in the Imperial CRF must be approved by the Protocol Review Board (PRB), consisting of the CRF Director, CRF Head of Clinical Research, CRF General Manager, CRF Lead Nurse, QA and Governance Manager, Lab Manager, Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Manager and pharmacy representative. Further information can be found in our policy ICRF-OR09.06 Applying to PRB (pdf)

The PRB meets twice monthly and requires the following information:

  • CTIMP studies also require a draft Clinical Risk Assessment and Management Plan (CRAMP) form - ICRF CRAMP v6.0 (word)
  • Phase I CTIMP studies must complete the Phase 1 Risk Stratification Matrix and Contingency Plans section of the CRAMP

An electronic format for each document is required and this should be e-mailed to the CRF General Manager at least one week before the next PRB meeting. The dates of the upcoming meetings can be found below. The PI and/or the key trial coordinator of the study will be invited to the relevant PRB meeting and will be given the opportunity to introduce their study and discuss their application with the Board. Further reading on our SOP’s will be provided via the SOP management system EQMS, access to which will be provided after applying to PRB.

The project will be assessed according to the:

  • Scientific value of the question asked
  • Availability of resources, including access to appropriate numbers of subjects
  • Existing activity within the CRF

The outcome of the meeting will be forwarded to the PI within 5 working days of the PRB meeting. For further enquiries about the PRB process, please contact the CRF General Manager (

PRB dates

There are two PRB meetings per month on the second and fourth Thursdays. Please ensure that all documents are received by the last submission date for the meeting or they will be deferred to the following one.

Please see PRB dates 2024 (Word) for further information on PRB dates.