Nuclear Energy Futures CDT Cohort 2

Christopher Allen
Creep-plasticity interaction in high-temperature reactor materials Dr Harry Coules
University of Bristol EdF Energy
Feena Arey
Enhancing system resilience and organisational safety in the nuclear industry through joined-up regulation, policy and procedures Dr Neil Carhart
University of Bristol University of Bristol
Angelo Battistini
Modelling advanced technology fuels for Gen IV Very High Temperature Reactors‌ Dr Mark Wenman Imperial College NNL
Mustafa Bolukbasi
Nuclear fuel cycle technologies and economics Prof Simon Middleburgh Bangor University Turkish Government
Oliver Conway
Mathematical and computational modelling of nuclear criticality safety analysis Dr Matthew Eaton
Imperial College AWE
Tom Griffiths
The optimum role of nuclear fusion in carbon-free future energy systems Dr Mike Bluck
Imperial College Tokamak Energy
Aidan Gunn
Investigating the effect of Zn addition to corrosion of alloy-600 in water-cooled reactors Dr Tomas Martin
University of Bristol EdF Energy
Florence Legg
Investigating actinide oxide reactivity in waste Dr Ross Springell
University of Bristol Sellafield
Daniel Long
Modelling delayed hydride cracking and crack growth in Zr cladding Prof Fionn Dunne
Imperial College Rolls-Royce
Cameron Macdonald
Neutron irradiation damage modelling for high temperature fusion applications Prof Robin Grimes
Imperial College UKAEA
Joe Pollard
Hydride-based shielding materials for compact fusion power reactorss

Dr Sam Humphry-Baker

University of Bristol Tokamak Energy
Rosie Smart
An investigation of metallic uranium corrosion in a GDF setting Prof Tom Scott
University of Bristol Nuclear Waste Services
Philip Smith
Improving the performance of advanced technology fuels Dr Ross Springell
University of Bristol NNL
Ryan Stroud
Atom probe tomography and microscale mechanical testing of neutron irradiated Sizewell B reactor pressure vessel steel Dr Mark Wenman
Imperial College EdF Energy
Jack Trainor High performance radiation transport methods with ray effect mitigation‌ Dr Matthew Eaton Imperial College Rolls-Royce
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