NEF CDT Cohort 4


Euan Allatt
Long-term performance of PO4-based backfill cements in repository environments Dr Rupert Myers
Imperial College  Nuclear Waste Services
Thomas Ashton-Key
L-H transition studies on the ST40 Tokamak  Dr Robert Kingham
Imperial College Tokamak Energy
Harrison Brown
High performance deterministic radiation transport methods for SMRs Dr Matt Eaton
Imperial College Rolls-Royce
Daniel Cogbill
Degradation of the thermal and mechanical properties SiCf/SiCm composite with irradiation Dr Lilly Dong
Bristol University UKAEA
Stuart Dunn
Effects of additives and dopants on the chemical and structural properties of U oxides Prof Simon Middleburgh
Bangor University AWE
Jamie Edwards Numerical methods in fusion energy Prof Eugene Shwageraus University of Cambridge TBC
Luis Fernandes
High performance and high fidelity deterministic neutron transport methods for nuclear reactor lattice physics simulations Dr Matt Eaton
Imperial College  Rolls-Royce
Martin Gillet
Critical experiments for predicting fatigue crack growth behaviour in PWRs Dr Catrin Davies Imperial College EdF Energy
Alfie Hewetson
Effects of coastal change in the selection of a geological disposal facility Dr Ioannis Karmpadakis
Imperial College  Nuclear Waste Services
Siobhan Kingsley
Atomic-scale cryogenic microscopy to understand degradation of vitrified waste Dr Shelly Conroy
Imperial College Imperial College
Parth Kulkarni
Multiscale characterisation of creep deformation of materials for fusion reactors Dr Alex Forsey
The Open University The Open University
Jason Lee
Finite element modelling of the corrosion of stainless steels/CuCrZr for STEP Dr Mark Wenman
Imperial College Singaporean government
Alex Lhoest

Mesoscale finite element phase field modelling of liquid lithium corrosion of steels

Dr Mark Wenman
Imperial College UKAEA
Alex Little

Extraction of hydrogen from molten lithium

Prof Tom Scott University of Bristol UKAEA
Theodore Macklin

Hybrid multicore CPU and manycore GPU solution algorithms for nuclear reactor physics and reactor shielding

Dr Matt Eaton Imperial College Imperial College
Ben Sargeant
High-rate fracture of forged and additively manufactured alloys Dr Paul Hooper
Imperial College AWE
Bryan Tan Multiscale, multi-fidelity and multiphysics Bayesian Neural Network  machine learning  surrogate models for modelling design-based accidents within floating nuclear power plants  Dr Mike Bluck Imperial College Singaporean government
William Thomas
A fundamental understanding of uranium hydride formation Dr Ross Springell University of Bristol University of Bristol
Hannah Tipping
Thermal transient effects in fusion front wall/beeder blanket components Dr Tomas Martin University of Bristol UKAEA
Sannah van Balen
Rethinking nuclear waste risks Prof Eugene Shwageraus University of Cambridge Nuclear Waste Services
William Watson
Modelling advanced fuels for HTGRs at the atomic scale Prof Robin Grimes
Imperial College NNL
Ewan Woodbridge Advanced methodologies for airborne radiometric surveying of nuclear sites   Prof Tom Scott University of Bristol NNL
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